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The 10 Best Hoodies For Fall/winter 2009

That's primarily due to the fact that they're endlessly versatile. You can rock 'em by themselves, or under a denim jacket; they come in every material known to man, and you can get one in whatever style your heart desires. In fact, there are so many options when it comes to coppin' a hoodie, it's a little daunting.

How the Internet Is Bankrolling the World?s Best Hoodies ? And Rebooting U.S. Manufacturing

The American Giant hoodie became a viral sensation after Farhad Manjoo in Slate gushingly praised the sweatshirt, Winthrop and his strategy for making better clothes in the U.S. for which people would willingly pay a premium. Winthrop describes the overwhelming demand, which continues more than four months later, as resembling a python swallowing a dog. The desire for American Giant hoodies doesnt just exhaust jaket jepang online the supply of sweatshirts, he says, but sucks the companys whole supply chain dry, all the way back to the cotton in the ground. But the internet hasnt just served up a conventional marketing bump for American Giant.

'The best church of all time!' Kanye West's alter ego inspires a new religion called Yeezianity

The savior: The Yeezianity website displays this drawing, resembling Kanye, on its Our Savior page 'I created this thing about a month ago - and all I did was tweet it, and I don't have a lot of Twitter followers, so that didn't go anywhere,' he told the site. 'I was putting up other Craigslist ads and I just thought, "Well, let's see where this goes." I got some responses. I mean, you found it, so that's pretty awesome.' The 'Our Savior' page of the site has a drawing resembling Kanye, who jetted from Los Angeles to Paris on Thursday for Fashion Week. Not as shy: Kanye was later seen showing his face as he chatted with a woman on the street The rapper hit the streets in Paris in an dark ensemble, consisting of black trousers, a gray hoodie, a black leather jacket emblazoned with YEEZUS on the left sleeve and black tennis shoes. The 'savior' is described on the site in the following words: 'His real name is never to be spoken.

Best Hoodies For the Gym

You can bundle up in one at home, use it as an extra layer during an outdoor workout, or cover up in one after leaving a yoga class. With so many practical uses, hoodies are perfect for Fall; let's be real, you can never have or give! too many of them! Additional reporting by Emily Bibb

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