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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Rebuilding Jersey

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The same cannot be said of Walter White. He accidentally died by his own bullet via a specially-made machine gun.

He faux-apologizes to Emily for ignoring her, kisses her, then breaks her heart jaket korea keren into a million billion pieces. Not like she didn't deserve it a little, but yeah. And she has until the end of the summer to ruin the Graysons and get the heck out of dodge or he's going to expose her. So that's fun. It's Her Party: Emily throws a Memorial Day Summer kick-off party for the Hamptons and unveils Conrad's Governor's portrait just as he collapses thanks to something she put in his water.

Teresa and her brother cry and hug and?is it horrible to admit I was a little bored? Haven't we been here before?

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