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#menswear Video Presentation 'a Saturday With Alexandre Mattiussi Of Ami' In #paris

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2 3 At a time when the female presence in freeskiing is at an all-time high, it only makes sense that all-female movie crews have come forth to showcase the women skiing is so lucky to have. Shades of Winter is producer and athlete Sandra Lahnsteiner?s third film. Between and including the lands of Alaska and Japan, Shades of Winter features weathered veterans like Grete Eliasson and emerging queens like Lisa Zimmerman. Produced and Directed and principal cinematography by Sandra Lahnsteiner Athletes: Caja Schoepf, Grete Eliasson, Janina Kuzma, Lisa Zimmermann, Lorraine Huber, Matilda Rapaport, Pia Widmesser, Rachael Burks, Sandra Lahnsteiner

Adsense & Quantcast (concerning the own domains of Fashionoffice) Currently, Fashionoffice has opened two ad units for Adsense; 728x90 on the top of the magazine's pages and 336x280 (placement above the fold). During last month (2 - 31 August 2013), Google Adsense tracked 11,906 Ad Requests and 30 Clicks; matched CTR 0.25%.

MR ALEXANDRE MATTIUSSI SHOP THE STORY Video by Mr Antony Crook In the latest episode of our video series, A Saturday With..., the designer and founder of Ami, jaket korea keren Mr Alexandre Mattiussi, takes us through how he spends Saturdays in his native Paris. This year's winner of the prestigious Andam Fashion Award, Mr Mattiussi spends a portion of his weekend attending to business matters: since its inception in 2011, Ami has enjoyed an almost unprecedented degree of success (and has become one of our favourite brands at MR PORTER) in such a short space of time, so it's easy to see why Mr Mattiussi is constantly working. "I like to go to the office on Saturdays because it's much quieter," he says. "I go there to work in the calm, and think about the collection." Of course Mr Mattiussi still finds time to zip off on his moped and unwind with friends, with those two most French of essentials in tow: a good wine and some fromage. Watch the video, above, to find out more. Mr Mattiussi's Picks...

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